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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my own project here?
ABSOLUTELY! We encourage more and more people to join us. We've initially started by hosting several Open Source Palm® development projects, but have slowly begun to expand outward and host some other non-Palm projects as well.
Who can use this service?
Anybody who has an Open Source project, of any type or license (of course we prefer Free Software licenses, but there are many to choose from), is welcome to host their project here, point their team at the cvs repository, create a mailing list for the project, and begin using the tools right away!
How do I get started?
You just did! By coming here, you've proved you have an interest, so let's get you all the pieces you'll need to begin working!
Before we begin, there are a few things you'll need to have before we can get started:
  • A project with at least one developer on it. This developer can be you, or someone else, or simply someone writing a manpage for your project, but there has to be an individual associated with each project created here.
  • A valid email address. This will be used for confirmation of your project, and will also be used to send you your passwords and other configuration information for your project and your project team.
To Be Continued...