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Free Project Hosting

Yes. Free as air. You can set up your projects in the cvs, set up a mailing list, and create an environment for distributed development, with all the common tools you're used to seeing used on larger sites, and we've even gone several steps further:

High-quality tools
From the html'ized CVS viewer that allows you to view, diff, and patch the code from your browser, to the bug tracking system which handles the creation, modification, termination of bugs via your browser and email, to the mailing list management software with full browser-based searching and subscribing/unsubscribing, we provide it all to you and your team, all for free.

Your project, data, information, and other vital bits of ones and zeros will never find its way into the wrong hands. The machine is secured, the services are secured, and everything is logged and watched over, in the event that something bad may occur, we know it right away.

No SPAM emails
We will not use your email address for anything other than information related to your particular project. Initial setup, critical configuration information, and server downtime (if any) will be the only things sent to your email address. We don't put up with SPAM, and neither should you.